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Don’t Hope. Do Work. Get Motivated.

Very well said.


“When you break something, is your first impulse to throw it away? Or do you repair it but feel a sadness because it is no longer “perfect”? Whatever the case, you might want to consider the way the Japanese treated the items used in their tea ceremony. Even though they were made from the simplest materials… these teacups and bowls were revered for their plain lines and spiritual qualities. There were treated with the utmost care, integrity and respect.

For this reason, a cup from the tea ceremony was almost never broken. When an accident did occur and a cup was broken, there were certain instances in which the cup was repaired with gold.

Rather than trying to restore it in a what they would cover the trace that it had been broken, the cracks were celebrated in a bold and spirited way. The thin paths of shining gold completely encircled the ceramic cup, announcing to the world that the cup was broken and repaired and vulnerable to change.

And in this way, its value was even further enhanced. ”
~Gary Thorp

Zen Quote

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Rough Night

I’m feeling like a failure as a mom at the moment, cause I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with my baby half the time.. He’s up late tonight and is extremely fussy. He hasn’t been napping well today either. I don’t think he’s teething. I think it could be his tummy as he’s had problems with that since he was a newborn. I just don’t know, and I wish I did. Continue reading

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No Poo – Day 9

Washed my hair again.. I’m pretty sure I’m in the “transition” stage as my hair is getting ridiculously oily. I used my baking soda solution on all my hair even though you’re only supposed to use it on your roots and scalp.. It feels a little dry now but much better than the oily crap. Thinking I need to start wearing a scarf over my head till my hair figures out what the hell it’s doing… On a more positive note my hair already seems stronger. I can run my fingers through it without feeling as though I’m going to go bald. Hopefully that lasts.

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My Journey Into Yoga

I have recently started doing yoga in an effort to improve both my physical, spiritual, and emotional health. This isn’t the first time I have tried to get into the habit of doing yoga each day, Continue reading

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My Best Budgeting Resources

As a single mom and a student I need to really budget my money.. Like most people, I really hate doing this. There is nothing fun about seeing where all your money has gone specially when it’s just bills and food. But it has to be done. When I first started trying to take control of my finances I tried quite a few apps (iOS), tested a few budgeting sites, read like 100 blogs (that might be an exaggeration), and tried old fashioned methods (like cash only and writing down EVERY transaction)..

Continue reading

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No Poo – Day One

Feeling anxious about taking my first shower without shampoo and conditioner.. I’ve read that I can expect straw like tangly hair in the beginning.. Oh well, I’m gonna try this anyways.

That wasn’t so bad! It’s definitely different and strange not having any suds. My hair still felt greasy even after I washed it but after drying it feels nice and soft. I was extremely worried about combing it cause I thought I would be pulling chunks of hair out, surprisingly though, it proved very easy and painless. I’m looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks play out with this.

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No Poo – Intro

So.. I heard about this thing called “The No Poo Method” about a week ago on a Facebook group of crunchy moms. I had no idea what this was. All I knew is it had something to do with washing your hair and it sounded gross. Being curious me, I Googled it, and fell in love with the idea. For those of you who don’t know what it is – it is where you replace shampoo and conditioner with baking soda and vinegar respectively. Weird right? Yeah, I know. Continue reading

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