No Poo – Intro

So.. I heard about this thing called “The No Poo Method” about a week ago on a Facebook group of crunchy moms. I had no idea what this was. All I knew is it had something to do with washing your hair and it sounded gross. Being curious me, I Googled it, and fell in love with the idea. For those of you who don’t know what it is – it is where you replace shampoo and conditioner with baking soda and vinegar respectively. Weird right? Yeah, I know.
But think of the money you can save! I normally buy eco-friendly/organic/all-natural stuff and it’s so overpriced it’s ridiculous. So I decided to dive right into this. And I will be posting the results on here as I continue on this hippie journey.

I won’t be posting any of the details of how you go about doing the “No Poo Method” so for those of you who are interested here are the two sites I used:

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