Valentines Play-date and Lunch

For Valentines day I took Rylan to the Treehouse Museum to have a playdate with another boy about his age and another mom who was quite like me it was almost creepy (in a good way). It took him a little time to warm up to being in a completely different place, in this time I had to keep picking him up and moving him to where his play date was going. But once he warmed up he was crawling all over. It was so fun seeing him light up. Here are some pics from the museum and lunch. Sorry I’m not a photographer and my only camera is an iPhone so excuse the not so awesome pics and also the lack of captions, I’m feeling lazy tonight… :]

IMG_4776IMG_4788 IMG_4761 IMG_4769 IMG_4772 IMG_4784 IMG_4765 IMG_4797 IMG_4795 IMG_4811 IMG_4807 IMG_4813 IMG_4817 IMG_4822IMG_4867 IMG_4868 IMG_4855 IMG_4848IMG_4876


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