Back To Being Me

I’ve gone back to being vegan again. Which I am supper happy about. I was vegan/vegetarian for 3 years before I got pregnant. When my midwife told me I wasn’t gaining enough weight I got paranoid and started eating meat as I knew I wasn’t getting adequate protein. I also lost touch of why I went vegan in the first place. I forgot about the horrible conditions animals go through just to be slaughtered and put on our plates.

It all started when I was watching some documentaries for an essay I was writing, which happened to be the exact documentaries that lead me to being vegan in the first place. Watching those also lead me to watching Vegucated and Forks Over Knives (both on Netflix…You should watch them 😉 ]. After watching all these I decided that I wanted to go vegetarian or vegan. I started doing more research on nutrition to make sure it would be reasonable and safe to be vegan while nursing and to also raise my son vegan. What I read all seemed really promising. So I bought the book Vegan for Life and read it nearly cover to cover in 3 days. It talks all about nutritional needs as a vegan through all stages of life (even pregnancy and nursing!) and also talked me out of my fear of soy foods. I am now confident that Rylan and I can live a healthy happy vegan lifestyle.

I feel like this is a big part of who I am and I lost it when trying to do what would be best for my son. And I forgot how much I loved cooking vegan meals. And, of course, eating said vegan meals! Mmmmm.

Thanks for reading. =]

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2 thoughts on “Back To Being Me

  1. Ani says:

    Wonderful story – glad that you are back to what makes you happy. I have many vegan recipes on my blog if you need some to get you back into it haha

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