Figuring Things Out

I feel like I might be figuring things out with life now.

I changed my major to German with a commercial emphasis, which I think I’ll enjoy studying much more. After the first semester in Engineering I started questioning whether it was the right degree for me. I talked to a few others about this and they didn’t approve of me studying German and I felt bad about even wanting to change my major. But recently I talked to other (much more supportive) people and they agreed that it’s better to follow my heart and do something I’ll enjoy doing (as long as it’s not something useless, of course). So yeah, I’m super thrilled to start studying German! Not sure on my minor yet, it’s a battle between teaching and business. I have time to decide on that though.

On top of that, I have a much needed vacation planned in August. Rylan and I are flying to Michigan to see my dad who I haven’t seen in three years. While there I plan on checking out the restaurant Detroit Vegan Soul and another vegan restaurant in Ontario Canada. I’m also taking
Rylan to Frankenmuth, MI to visit all the little German shops and maybe ride the longest 1/4 size train in the USA. I’m sure he would really enjoy that. Ooh, and I’m hoping to go scuba diving! It’s been YEARS since I’ve dived!

And finally, it just seems like I’m feeling better lately. I’ve been a little down here and there this last week, but nothing too major and it’s probably due to the lack of sleep. And of course still healing from my failed relationship, obviously that’s going to take some time. The main point is, overall, I’m doing alright. :]

Thanks for reading ☺️

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2 thoughts on “Figuring Things Out

  1. Ruth Clyde says:

    Happy to see you doing better

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