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Oh, the milestones!

Rylan has hit two really big milestones recently.

On Mother’s Day he started saying ‘mom’ and meaning it instead of his normal babbling. Now he also says ‘yeah’ and he’s starting to say ‘nein’ (no in German). I’ve also been working with him on sign language and he’s picked up the word for ‘more’ so far. And he’s understanding more and more each day. 🙂

On May 8th he took his first real steps and now he can walk short distances when he’s feeling patient enough. Most the time he’ll just crawl cause he knows he can get to where he wants faster. I don’t mind, I absolutely love his adorable crawl!

I’ll be making a short video soon so stay tuned for some more cuteness. 🙂


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On The Move (photo challenge)

I’m a little late as this was last weeks photo challenge.. But better late than never!

The challenge is to “share your interpretation of ‘on the move’.” So here’s my photos :]




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Love is Not Enough

I’ve been struggling a bit with missing my ex lately. I can’t seem to get rid of the desire to get back with him, even if I know it would be a bad idea. I think that maybe it’s that I don’t feel happy with my life and I think he could fix that. Well, honestly, I know he could. Continue reading

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Gallery of Rylan (now in HD)

I bought me a new camera!! It’s great. Like, really great. I’m still learning how to use it as I’m kind of clueless with fancy cameras. But, I can take okay pics without completely knowing what I’m doing.

Here are some pics of Rylan. =)

P.S. Sorry they are all so similar. I’m new at this, kay?


Look at those eyes!!! ❤

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The Waiting Game…

Today I did the ACT (American college test) at University of Utah. It was the last thing I needed to do for my application. Now, I just wait.. Ugh, I hate waiting. I keep running all the pros and cons of my application to try and figure out if they will accept me. I have a 4.0 Grade Point Average (which is perfect btw) at Weber State University, I tested in the 90th percentile on ACT and I was in the 90th percentile on my GED, but, in high school I only received 7 1/2 credits (I know, it’s horrible). I think the pros far outweigh the cons and most seem to agree. I can’t seem to stop worrying about not getting accepted though… Lets hope I don’t go nuts waiting the one to two weeks it takes to find out!

Thanks for reading my completely pointless post!

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Just a Rant

I was talking to two of my uncles about school and told them I was changing my major to German. Both of them bluntly told me that I was going for a “useless degree” and I’d be better off with a degree in “underwater basket weaving”. I tried to stick up for myself, I told them that this is something I enjoy, that I’m passionate about I also told them I was going to minor in business or teaching. Still, they reassured me that it was useless. I know their intentions were well meaning, but fuck shoot, what happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

I am a intelligent and mature woman. It’s like they assumed I’m just blindly changing my major. But, I have spent hours upon hours looking into job possibilities for a German major. I’ve checked the salaries and I know I won’t get rich with this major. I might even end up at some low end job and work towards a second bachelors degree. And I am okay with that. Because this is my life and my dream.

All in all, I’m just tired of the negativity I deal with so often. Most of us are just trying to do our best in this complex crazy life. We need to give each other a break and be nice for a change. Give advice instead of being condescending. Be supportive instead of judgmental. Oh how this world could be a much better place.

Thanks for listening reading. Much love! Xx

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Rylan Moments – Episode 1

Just a little compilation of the cute moments I catch on video. =] I have a goal to post a new “episode” at least once a month. Hope you enjoy!

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A letter to that Nice Guy I ignored that one time

This is great and so true.

days like crazy paving

A comic depicting the difference between what a Nice Guy thinks is happening between him and a girl and what is actually happening. a shift in perspective can help.

Dear Nice Guy,

I’d say you probably don’t remember me, but I know you do. I know you remember me the way you remember every single girl you’ve ever latched onto like a leech who also happens to recommend books and carry shopping bags. I know you remember me because this is a small town and people talk and you wouldn’t believe some of the things people tell me you say about me, except that I guess you would because I know for sure that you said them.

I know you’ve waxed poetic at length to anyone who will listen (and a fair few people who won’t) about how I don’t know what I’m missing. And you know what? I guess you’re right. I don’t know what I’m missing. Maybe if, somewhere between the endless offers of a lift home and the free coffees…

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I Made (vegan) Sushi!!

For so long I thought it would be a daunting task to make sushi. I mean there has to be a reason they have classes on how to make it and a reason for it costing a stupid amount. Just for a small package of vegetable sushi from Smith’s is $7. It’s just cucumber, avocado, and carrots, it can’t cost that much to make..

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