Country with a view

If I could go anywhere, right now, it would be Germany.

Berlin, Germany at night.

One of my biggest dreams/goals is going to Germany. I started learning German and about Germany when I was dating a guy who was born in Germany. At first I was only learning the language because I thought it would be fun to speak to him in it (which it definitely was). Even though that relationship has long been over, my love for Germany is still strong. I am determined to live there one day.

A lot of people seem to have a hard time understanding my love for Germany, specially since I have never been there, and because the reputation Germans have of being rude. But I have known quite a few Germans and I have talked to Americans who have been to Germany and they all reassure me that Germans are some of the nicest and most polite people around. The country isn’t lacking either. It’s gorgeous and so rich in culture and history. The U.S. is just so young and (no offense) a little boring on the history and culture front. I mean, come-on, we are known for overweight people and junk food… I’ll take village parties and Oktoberfest over that any day! Another thing I just love about Germany is it just seems like the government actually cares about its people. Most Germans get holidays off work and they also get mandated vacation time and paid maternity leave. Additionally, their healthcare system is less corrupted than ours here (our healthcare system is the biggest problem I have with this country).

Overall, I’m very certain that Germany would be a good fit for Rylan and I. I hope to visit it within the next few years to confirm that. Until then I will be studying German and Teaching Rylan everything I know so we are both prepared for our future adventure! =]

Thanks for reading. Bis später! (that means “till later” BTW)

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