Welp, june is over and tomorrow begins a new month

At the beginning of this month I posted some goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the month. Sadly as I re-read them I realize I have mostly failed. The death of my brother and some other emotional problems got me off track of my goals. That and I felt a little overwhelmed. If you didn’t read my post at the beginning of the month here’s what my goals were and why I think I didn’t succeed at them.

First, ... I plan on getting over my slight sugar addiction. – I have had so much sugar recently… It really didn’t help that my favorite chocolate went on sale while I was trying to avoid it.. I had no self control.

Secondly, … Writing 101.- This challenge really wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was more focused on writing random things than blogging. So I just quit it. I might try to do blogging 101 later when I have some more time.

Thirdly, … speak more German. Ahhh… This one I’m quite disappointed about. I really wanted to practice my spoken German. But, I am so shy! I know this is a self fulfilling prophesy. My anxieties just get the best of me and I can’t bring myself to make that first Skype call with a native speaker. I will continue to try to do this.

Fourthly, … exercise more. – Well, I didn’t do too bad on this one. I was doing Jumpstyle everyday until my ankle decided it was going to pretend like it was getting stabbed every time I jumped (or even took a step). So I got lazy. I’ve been doing exercises to strengthen the stabilizer muscles in my ankles and legs and I hope to get back on this wagon soon!


So. Now what? It’s the start of a new month tomorrow. I have three smaller goals for this month so I don’t get overwhelmed.

1. I will have my first face to face conversation (via Skype) with a native German speaker.

2. I will have a German immersion hour every weekday where I am not allowed to speak or listen to any English.

3. I will cut down on sugar. Not quit it, I’ll leave that for another month.

That’s it. Hopefully at the end of this month I will be able to post a more positive update. =]

Thanks for reading ^^ Xx

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