Well hello there

I’m so bad at this whole blogging thing.. I admit it. It probably has a lot to do with my lack of confidence in my writing, me feeling like I don’t have anything interesting enough to write about, and the fact that I’d rather play a game of Carcassonne on my phone than write a whole post only a handful of people will read. 😛

I’m not going to give up though. I enjoy posting about Rylan and myself so family and friends can read about our adventures and see adorable pictures of him. So here’s a long overdue update:

First off, my last semester was a difficult one as you already know if you read some of my last posts. But, I still managed to keep my 4.0 GPA ::pats self on back::. I celebrated with some wine and a little way too much chocolate. 😀 I go back to Uni on Monday and I’m confident that I’ll be able to continue to keep a high GPA and I’m hoping that it will lead to scholarships one day.

When I last posted I mentioned starting CrossFit and loving it. Well, that still holds true. I go three times a week (most weeks) and I am constantly noticing improvements and surprising myself with what I’m able to do. For example: I went yesterday thinking I was going to struggle really bad and have to modify the WOD (workout of the day) because I was extremely sore and the WOD included rope climbs which I haven’t done since I was in middle school, but I was able to do all the rope climbs and I struggled a lot less than I thought. CrossFit has me always proving myself wrong, it has me always pushing myself harder than I ever have before, I’m constantly pushing past the mental barriers I create – the thoughts of not being able to do something, all the self doubt. CrossFit is not only making me fitter and healthier, it’s building my confidence and helping me to finally believe in myself. It’s fantastic to say the least.


Okay, enough about me and my CrossFit ramble. Rylan, as usual, is growing like a weed. A really cute weed. He’s almost two, can you believe that?? He’s still very much into cars and trucks. In fact, he’s pretty much obsessed with them. So obsessed that 9 out of 10 mornings the first thing that comes out of his tired mouth is “TRUCK!”. Sometimes he even says it in his sleep. It.is.the.cutest.thing.

I feel like I have so much to write about now.. But this post would end up being too long and mumble jumbled if I included everything, so I’ll try to just write a couple more posts in the near future about 1) My goals for this year, 2) Mine and Rylan’s new healing diet – AIP Paleo, and 3) Our potty training adventure that starts tomorrow. 😱😱😱

Before I go, just a quick bit about Christmas. 🙂

I made a whole video from the pictures and videos I took from Christmas, but iMovie won’t let me export it because I used clips from my DSLRish camera.. So sadly I won’t be able to share that with anyone unless it gets sorted out. But here are a few pics I have. I don’t have many from Christmas as I really just recorded it on video. There’s a couple pics taken after Christmas that show him playing with his gifts. 😊











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