Who am I?

Hmm where to start. Well I guess I should start with the basics… I’m Susan, 25 years old, a single mum to my sweet boy named Rylan who was born in February of 2013. I’m currently attending Weber State University.
Oh and I’m also sort of a hippie. =P

    Why I am I writing a blog?

Cause this link convinced me it was a good idea:
I want to improve my writing and communications skills. I also want family to have a way to see what’s happening in mine and Rylan’s life. Since everyone is caught up online I thought a blog would be the easiest way to do this. The blog will serve as a journal for me as well. Something I can look back on to see how much my life has changed through the years.

    What can you expect to read on this blog?

A whole hodgepodge of things. I’ll try to keep on the subject of our journey through mommyhood and babyhood toddlerhood. But I have a range of interests and this is my blog, so I’ll write whateva I want =P


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