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Rylan Moments Episode 3

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Oh, the milestones!

Rylan has hit two really big milestones recently.

On Mother’s Day he started saying ‘mom’ and meaning it instead of his normal babbling. Now he also says ‘yeah’ and he’s starting to say ‘nein’ (no in German). I’ve also been working with him on sign language and he’s picked up the word for ‘more’ so far. And he’s understanding more and more each day. 🙂

On May 8th he took his first real steps and now he can walk short distances when he’s feeling patient enough. Most the time he’ll just crawl cause he knows he can get to where he wants faster. I don’t mind, I absolutely love his adorable crawl!

I’ll be making a short video soon so stay tuned for some more cuteness. 🙂


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On The Move (photo challenge)

I’m a little late as this was last weeks photo challenge.. But better late than never!

The challenge is to “share your interpretation of ‘on the move’.” So here’s my photos :]




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Gallery of Rylan (now in HD)

I bought me a new camera!! It’s great. Like, really great. I’m still learning how to use it as I’m kind of clueless with fancy cameras. But, I can take okay pics without completely knowing what I’m doing.

Here are some pics of Rylan. =)

P.S. Sorry they are all so similar. I’m new at this, kay?


Look at those eyes!!! ❤

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Rylan Moments – Episode 1

Just a little compilation of the cute moments I catch on video. =] I have a goal to post a new “episode” at least once a month. Hope you enjoy!

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Rylan’s First Easter

My first video had some audio problems so here is the fixed version. Added a little bit to it as well so you get to enjoy more adorable Rylan time 😀

Enjoy! Xx

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Rylans First(ish) Easter & Some Other Pics

Today is Rylan’s first real Easter as last year he was only a month old on Easter so we didn’t do anything special. I don’t really feel like making another separate post so I’m going to include some other pics from before today. Enjoy! =)

**I just realized the audio in the video is messed up an you can’t hear Rylan’s adorable talking and giggling. I’m working on fixing that now. Sorrys.

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