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Welp, june is over and tomorrow begins a new month

At the beginning of this month I posted some goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the month. Sadly as I re-read them I realize I have mostly failed. The death of my brother and some other emotional problems got me off track of my goals. That and I felt a little overwhelmed. If you didn’t read my post at the beginning of the month here’s what my goals were and why I think I didn’t succeed at them. Continue reading

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Country with a view

If I could go anywhere, right now, it would be Germany.

Berlin, Germany at night.

One of my biggest dreams/goals is going to Germany. I started learning German and about Germany when I was dating a guy who was born in Germany. At first I was only learning the language because I thought it would be fun to speak to him in it (which it definitely was). Even though that relationship has long been over, my love for Germany is still strong. I am determined to live there one day. Continue reading

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What does the first of the month mean to you?

I imagine that to most people, the first of the month doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just another day. For me, however, it usually means some sort of new goal, new challenge, or a new beginning of sorts.

This month I have a few challenges I’m going to try to overcome: Continue reading

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